Arduino Uno or Arduino Yun


So far I worked with Arduino Uno and works like a charm. However, now I need ethernet and gsm capabilities for my project. I know there is an Ethernet Shield and GSM Shield for Uno. I was thinking of getting an Arduino Yun that has ethernet built-in and add a GSM shield onto it. Is this possible?

I would also like to add Arducam to the Yun as well.

So basically I was thinking of getting a Yun > add GSM shield + Arducam. Will there by any compatibility issue based on the hardware(shield) or the code?

Please advice. Thank you.

What does Arducam do? Does it actually transfer the pictures from the camera, or does it just let you trigger the shutters (with the pics being stored on the Arducam somewhere)?

Due to the limited memory of an Arduino, transferring large blobs of data is a bit tricky and very slow - and is thus not recommended.

Would you recommend streaming live videos from a camera to Arduino but not stored on Arduino or SD Card but sent to a server ? I want to stream live videos through my Arduino Uno and have stored on to my PC.

I saw the site, but it wasn't clear where it was storing those pictures. Does it give any examples of how fast (or slow, as the case will be) transferring the images is?

An Arduino is not going to be able to stream live video, not even close - Arduino is not good for things that require shuffling lots of data around (images and video are lots of data for an Arduino - consider the size of an image file, and that the Arduino Uno's RAM is 2k, and total flash is only 32k). This is a Raspberry Pi project.

Actually, is there a reason you can't use an off the shelf webcam - that'd probably do a better job, as it's been professionally optimized for... something that sounds like what you're doing... and mass production has driven the costs down too, so you'll likely get better results and/or spend less money doing it