Arduino Uno or esp8266

Dear sir,

Please help me for making wireless project.i use 1Arduino uno or 1esp01 8266.i want control 8relay on,off with my android phone.
I don't understand how to connect wiring connection with esp01 8266.or Arduino . don't understand in which use of software version of Arduino. please help me.

Thanks regards.

Sandeep Kumar (keeps)

The ESP8266 isn't actually an Arduino but there is third-party support for using the Arduino IDE to compile and upload programs to it. The ESP8266 only does WiFi. This will be OK if the ESP8266 and Android phone are on the same WiFi network. If you need this to work away from your home WiFi you could turn the ESP8266 into a WiFi Access Point and connect to that WiFi but then you would not be able to use your home WiFi and the ESP8266 at the same time. The more recent ESP32 chip can do Bluetooth as well as WiFi.

If you use an Arduino UNO you will also need some kind of wireless interface. An Android phone should be able to handle WiFi or Bluetooth. You will need a WiFi Shield or some kind of Bluetooth adapter. If you use WiFi you will have the same issue of needing to be in range of your home WiFi.

Cutting to the chase, a NodeMCU is an ESP8266 development board which can be programmed with the Arduino IDE, has enough i/o pins to run eight relays, costs less than a Uno, has an ESP 8266 WiFi included, and is just as convenient to use as a Uno. Why wouldn't you use it?

If you wanted to use a Uno, the WiFi of choice to go on it for your purpose is some sort of ESP8266 anyway. So why would you do that?

As for your other question, you just use the current Arduino IDE. I understand some libraries are not supported, I don't know what they are, you don't need any libraries. The standard relay modules are available in 3.3v 5mA