Arduino Uno OR Mega 2560 + NFC shield + wifi

Hi everyone.

I'm really trying to get an Arduino working with an NFC and WIFI together. I'm quite bad at hardware and have no past experience so rewiring sounds difficult considering I have a lot of software to write once the hardware is working.

I have an Arduino Uno or an Arduino Mega 2560 I can use. I also have a Seeed Fruit NFC shield (v2.0). The NFC shield works fine until I stack another official Arduino wifi shield on top. It goes into the pins fine but once I listen to the Serial Monitor, the software can't find the P53xx board and the NFC scanner no longer functions.

I think this may be because one of the pins is shared between the two boards.

How can I do this, in an easy and compatible way using the NFC shield and the boards I have?

No links to the used hardware, no code, no wiring diagram, did you really read the sticky post at the top of the forum?