Arduino Uno or Yun with Flora Accelerometer?

Hello! I am new to Arduino and I bought Adafruit's Flora for Arduino and Accelerometer (LSM9DS0) for a toy I want to make.

But then I want to use a wireless or WiFi connection and Flora had limited features. I am thinking of using Uno or Yun but I still want to use the accelerometer.

Is it still possible to use this accelerometer with Uno or Yun?

That is a 3.3V accelerometer. The Arduino Uno and Arduino Yun are 5V Arduino boards.
It is possible to use the 3.3V pin of the Uno or Yun to power the sensor and connect the SDA and SCL. But just in case, buy a I2C level shifter. Such an level shifter adapts the 3.3V voltage levels of the SDA and SCL to 5V voltage levels.