Arduino UNO OTA upload code via Arduino IDE?


I am wondering if there are any Arduino ATmega328 boards which support OTA uploading from the Arduino IDE? I would really like to use the UNO, which is my favourite board but without having to plug and unplug a USB cable every time to test the code on my robot.

If there are none, is there an easy way to hack my UNO so that it can do the wireless code upload?

yes with a BT component. Search for "bluetooth OTA programing for arduino UNO" and you'll find countless videos and articles about this

with esp8266 you can OTA over WiFi from IDE.
3 good options for Uno and Nano

  1. esp8266 core library ESP8266AVRISP (requires ISP wiring with level conversion)
  2. esp-link firmware - easy to setup
  3. WiFiLink firmware - supports networking library for Uno

if you want to use the esp8266 for network access too, then I don't recommend the esp-link

for Uno, Nano, Mega with Ethernet shield: Ariadne bootloader can be used

for Mega, Zero and MKR: ArduinoOTA library can be used with Ethernet and WiFi libraries