Arduino UNO Out of Order


I'm new on this forum. French and novice in electronics. As i'm not sure how the breadbroad works in terms of connection i tried a circuit with a led. I'm affraid that a did a short circuit a something like that as my adruino UNO does not communicate anymore with my PC. There is also no more led light on the UNO as previous. Please see the picture to see what i did.

I suppose i had to add a resistance ? is the UNO dead or could i do something to repair ?


I suppose i had to add a resistance?



Thx for the reply. I read the article you mentionned and find another one in french. It seems i over estimate my capacity or under estimate the complexity of electronics :)

Could you tell me if i permanently damage the arduino UNO as noting light on when i plug it through USB ? If i good understand now, there is some ways to damage permanently the arduino UNO, what i ignore until now. Is there any other ways, more secure and in fact less expensive to begin concrete electronics and have fun ?



The Arduino was designed to be low cost, and I doubt you will get anything much cheaper that is as easy to use. However you may want to get a Ruggeduino for testing:

That is "hardened" against beginner mistakes.

Have you tried unplugging the LED and seeing if it still works? If not you can get a replacement processor chip for around $5.

Hello thx for the reply,

I get the information for another french forum : The problem comes from the usb plug on the laptop. It didn't run anymore but fortunetly there is a security on usb plug and after rebooting the laptop and plug out - plug in the batery it run well again.