arduino uno over internet

HI every body. I have an arduino uno board with a shield board. I programmed the operation of a relay. Everything goes well via wifi but nothing via internet away from home. I cannot access the board.
Please help

does this help. I haven't done it yet myself so let us know how you go with it.

it's a arduino uno board with a shield board. Not a nodemcu. I programmed the operation of a relay. Everything goes well via wifi but nothing via internet away from home.

The method should not be that much different, how about you post the code !
Essentially once you've connected to your home wifi, you need to specify your service port and then you should be able to connect using your own home-IP address

You're trying to access your Arduino-based device from the internet when you're away from home?

It works the way you need it to when you're at home connected to your own WiFi?

If that's the problem, you need to adjust your internet router settings to allow connections from outside. This is called "port forwarding" but some router manufacturers use different jargon. TP-Link call it "virtual servers". Check your router documentation.

The link that Deva Rishi offered you covers this (See step 4). It doesn't matter that they were using a NodeMCU because the problem is the router, not the board.

Be warned, this is a huge kettle of fish in terms of security. Be very careful. Do a bit of research before you open the virtual gates.

Google "port forwarding".

Be careful what you wish for.

Make sure you have good access security on your device.
If you can access it from the outside, everyone else can, too.

Whether port forwarding will work or not depends on your ISP.
You need a public WAN address which some ISPs provide , others dont.

Have you considered Blynk?


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