Arduino Uno PLEASE, anybody tell me an opinion

Can i connect 2 DC motors and 4 PING ))) sensors to 1 arduinio UNO board, without a motor shield ? are enoght pins( P.S i don't have the board yet). Thank you ! :D

enough pins, yeah.

enough power, no.

you can't drive motors directly from a pin. easiest is a motor controller shield.

You will need some kind of external components (shield or discrete parts) to interface most any motor to an Arduino as the output pins just don't have the current capacity for most motors.


If you're only running a motor in one direction, you can control it with a transistor (lots of examples are available to copy from). If you want the Arduino to control whether it's running "forward" or "reverse", you need a fancier solution. A motor shield is usually the easiest way to do that. But it might not work, if the motor is a big one that requires lots of current.

OK thank you i understand i really need a shield. :)

i have 1 motor to control the back and forward movement and 1 motor to control the direction and 4 Ping sensors to detect obstecols and the Code is base on difrent scenarios on wath to do with the motors depending on wath the sensors detect :D. I'm still waithing for the parts. This are 2 images on my little project | | | GIve me a feedback on wath you think. Thank You