Arduino Uno Powers Off

I am currently working on a project/kit via ( That is the tutorial that I have been following. I have been following the steps and have gotten to the point where my RedBoard (powered by Arduino Uno) needs code. When I plug it into the computer and upload the code, the 13, RX and the TX lights flash a couple of times. I then plug my board into my protoshield, plug in my power source, and nothing happens. The green "on" light actually goes off when I plug the pins together.

I am pretty knew to electronics, but have been able to troubleshoot and work my way to this point. I have been searching for about a week now and haven't found any solutions to the problem. The two motors are connected to the 5V pins, and they are both grounded on the same GND pin. I am not sure how familiar everyone will be with the "RedBoard" but it has the power and the mini-usb on it. The power is connected to a four pack of double A batteries. When the power and usb cord are plugged in, the board gets very very hot.

Any suggestions/help would be awesome! Thanks!

orrda12: The two motors are connected to the 5V pins, and they are both grounded on the same GND pin.

I have no idea what that shield is or how it's supposed to be used, but that line immediately caught my attention. Even quite small DC motors would draw too much current to be powered safely from the 5V line, and if you did manage it somehow then the noise they generate could cause all sorts of problems. If you're driving motors there would usually be a separate power supply for the motors. Sometimes the board's logic power supply can be derived from the motor power supply, and sometimes motor driver boards/shields have options to connect the board/shield logic power supply to the Arduino 5V rail so that the Arduino can be powered by the board/shield logic supply - or vice versa. I would not expect to find motors powered from the 5V supply in any of those configurations.

The two motors are connected to the 5V pins, and they are both grounded on the same GND pin.

If these are on the Arduino board you can easily damage it ! ! ! Use a separate 5 volt supply, connect the ground to the Arduino ground and drive the motors with a transistor or MOS fet circuit OR use motor shield. Take a look at the "Motors, Mechanics and Power" forum

RedBoard using LM1117 Regulator can supply 800mA, each motor draw 170mA no load, the power of the RedBoard should not off. so you may some where have short circuit in your connection, please use multi-meter to check your connections. or your battery is low in charge.

follow the simple troubleshooting guide...

  1. Get a multimeter.
  2. put that in continuity checking mode
  3. touch the two probes first to check you are doing it right or not. If the multimeter produce beeeeeeeeeeep sound when you touch the probes to each other, then it is OK to carry on
  4. check the power & ground rails of your board for continuity... If you hear the beep sound while touching the Vcc & GND rails together, then there must be something wrong in the board.

You may search youtube for a detail look on how to check continuity via multimeter. It's a real fun thing & I believe you'll enjoy doing it. All the best...