Arduino Uno printing out garbled messages

So I am fairly new to Arduino. I have an Arduino Uno and a Micro. They are both hooked up to a pair of nRF24L01 transmitters. What I want is the Uno to be the Transmitter and the Micro to be the receiver. When I run the examples for the nRF transmitters, the micro works fine and shows that it is receiving the package and responding. The Uno, however, is printing out garbled messages to the Serial monitor. Like the picture attached. It is the same code but they react differently. Am I missing something? They should ping pong but I can’t tell if they are.




The getting started code is what I am trying to run. Also attached is the printf.h which is needed as well.

gettingstarted.txt (5.62 KB)

printf.txt (691 Bytes)


What is 9600?

The speed your serial monitor is working at. This is not what your code is using.

oh wow. That fixed it. I can read it now. Thank you. I will watch for that from now on.

It said so in your first post.

Yah, I just saw that. Ok, Well thanks for all your help. Hopefully I can't stumble forward. Have a great day!

FYI, the baud rate is irrelevant to the Micro since it has its own USB TTL function on board, not handled by external chip and hardware serial port.