Arduino Uno programming help needed - relay controls

Hello All. I am a complete newbie to Arduino programming and hope someone can help. I have a project with the following requirements: 1. Detect first relay contact closure. 2. Start a countdown timer upon relay contact closure 3. When the countdown starts, activate a second relay 4. Continue to monitor state of first relay contacts. 4. At the end of the countdown, de-activate the second relay 5. If the first relay contacts open during the countdown, then stop countdown, reset timer and de-activate second relay 6. Go to step 1.

I would also like to be able to manually activate and deactivate first relay via the web/ethernet. Can anyone help with this? Thanks...Arniep

That's all very feasible.

  1. if(digitalRead())
  2. See
  3. digitalWrite()
  4. while(digitalRead())
  5. if(digitalRead()) inside the while loop
  6. This happens automatically if your code is in loop()

Ethernet takes your sketch from a quick simple little project to a much longer, much bigger project. You probably want to get the first part working and well-tested before introducing the extra complexity of a web server.

Thank you for your information. That should get me started, at least with the easy part. Stay tuned. Take care...Arniep

Hi Arniep, I need to do a code with like yours!!!
Do you have the code finished?
I’m new in Arduino and programming :~