Arduino UNO R2

Hi folks, Recently i have bought an UNO with an atmega328p and i am newbee in this area I have problems in uploading the blink-sketch. Everytime I got the message in red: avrdude: stk500_getsync() : not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable() :protocol error, expect = 0x14, resp=0x51

Possible error: atmega328p has no or wrong bootloader, wrong fusebits in the atmega328p, wrong driver? (I have used the one in IDE 0022)

What is the correct fusebits setting? and which bootloader hex-file do I have to use?

I have a ATMEL AVRISP MKII at my disposal

Please help. Best regards, Fred

Have you ever been able to upload a sketch to the board?

No this is my 1st experience with Arduino IDE and board
I thought it was easy an simple.
Little disappointed, though.

More details from this side, working with XP and W7, both show the same problem.
The L led blinks
There are 3 distinct blinks then nothing for a while then it goes back to blinking
Currently nothing is connected to the board

ScreenHunter_001.bmp (1.07 MB)

The three blinks is just the bootloader being started, then it times out and the steady blink on pin 13 is most likely just because the standard blink program was loaded in the factory. The error you are getting means the arduino IDE cannot communicate with the board. Unplug the board, open the IDE and then select comm port menu and see what if any comm ports are shown, write them down. Close the IDE and then plug in the board and then open the IDE again and see what new comm port is avilable that was not shown before, that will be the comm port number to select. If no new one was displayed then you have a USB driver problem and should reattempt installation. If there is a new comm port number then you need to test the comm path by doing a loop back test. Wire a jumper between ground and reset. Wire a jumper between pins 0 and 1. Now open the IDE, select the proper comm port number and then open the serial monitor. Whatever you type and send from the sending window should 'loop back' to the recieve window.


Hi Lefty,

I just discover that the COM port parameter associated with the AVRDUDE command is wrong As you see in the screen captured image : -P\.\COM3 and must be -PCOM3

How do I correct that in the IDE environment? Cheers, Fred

How do I correct that in the IDE environment?

You can't correct comm port stuff inside the IDE. When opened the IDE just asks the OS what comm ports are avalible in the system and then list them in the port menu, waiting for you to telll it which port, if more then one is shown, is the arduino. The IDE just talks via a comm port, it does not really know what kind of board and which comm port you are using, that's the users role to selected from the boards and port menu.


without the arduino uno connected, I just have COM1 with Arduino : COM1 and COM3 I have selected COM3 in the IDE

at upload I got that wrong COM port statement, with that \.\ preceeding the COM3

I have entered the complete command manually without the \.\ and it works like a charm

Cheers, Fred

That's why I have asked you how to get rid of the \.\ stuff

That’s why I have asked you how to get rid of the \.\ stuff

Didn’t have clue how that gets messed up or fixed, above my pay grade. :wink:

thanks anyway, Lefty for your

the \.\ suggest some path to be used there must be some hidden script that issued thar avrdude command

COM3 and \.\COM3 are the same. The first name, COM3, is the "DOS" name. It is essentially an alias. The second name is the device name. The second name is the one that is eventually used.

when that is the case why does it works without the prefix \'\ and fails when the prefix appears in front of the COM3 any idea?

The prefix \'\ will never work. The third character is a dot not an apostrophe.

Sorry, that typo-error See my attachment

Did you install the Uno driver...

yes, I did

maybe i should consider to re-install the IDE

still I can't explain why I get -P\.\COM3 instead of -PCOM3

the problem is known, but it must be simple to fix!!!!

fredeisen: still I can't explain why I get -P\.\COM3 instead of -PCOM3

Because \.\COM3 is the better choice has been for 2.5 decades. The Arduino IDE is doing what it is supposed to do. The problem is that the device name is not working correctly on your two computers.

Try changing the assigned port using Device Manager.

[quote author=Coding Badly link=topic=67386.msg495337#msg495337 date=1311461143]

fredeisen: still I can't explain why I get -P\.\COM3 instead of -PCOM3

Because \.\COM3 is the better choice has been for 2.5 decades


pray tell, why??? the "\.\" accomplishes nothing useful in terms of addressing a device under dos/windows, and could well confuse some code that tries to interpret it - in my years of programming under dos (since the mid-80's) i've not seen it used before.

Try accessing port 10 as "COM10".