Arduino UNO R3 and WS2812B LED problem

so to start off ive got a standard Arduino uno r3 and ive used ws2812b LED’s. Ive only been running a simple strand test from the neopixel adafruit library to try it out. The first time went great i uploaded the program and it started doing what it was supposed to do. I tweaked some numbers and RGB values around just to try it out. I then disconnected and connected a normal 5v power supply to see if it would work mobile. This also worked out just fine so i disconnected the power and the LED’s and left them in a safe place until i was ready to work on them again. Came back a week later and nothing, the code is compiled and uploaded but nothing happens, literally nothing, all lights on the board work fine, even switched led strips thinking that was the problem, as well as changing all connections but the strand test isn't working as before.

I could really use your help i don't know what going on i just want my cool

Well, we so far have no idea how you have set this up, so we would just be guessing at what you did wrong and that is a total waste of time. :astonished:

Let's have some perfectly focused photographs, no less than 3 Megapixels and taken in outside daylight - not in full sun - rather than a dim room. :grinning: