Arduino Uno R3 as a true ISP programmer for any Attiny and Atmega AVR

Arduino Uno as an ISP programmer

Programming a Target AVR using the Arduino Uno board loaded with ArduinoISP Arduino Uno + ArduinoISP form an ordinary ISP programmer that is used by avrdude to program various 8 bit AVRs with any kind of hex file. No bootloader is needed, no hardware removal from Arduino Uno is necessary

It may happen that you have an Arduino Uno that you bought, played a bit with it and now you want to move further, to build your own board, which can be just a simple AVR microcontroller + an oscillator + a LED, but you do not have an ISP programmer.

In reality Arduino Uno is everything you need to program a large variety of AVRs. You just have to follow the four steps described below:

1) Open Arduino IDE and upload ArduinoISP to Arduino Uno. 2) Connect the ISP pins of Arduino Uno to the Target AVR. 3) Write your source code, compile it and generate the hex file. 4) Use avrdude command lines to upload the hex file into the Target AVR.

Each of the four steps, explained in detail, plus the most common errors you may encounter while trying to program a stand alone AVR, can be found at this link:

Arduino Uno R3 as a true ISP programmer for any Attiny and Atmega AVR ( )

What if you are not using an external crystal?

Bro, you took the time to write this up and post it, but if you don't mind a bit of criticism, what is the purpose?

This is described in detail on the Arduino site. As far as programming ANY AVR, for the most part it might be easier to find or create a custom setup (variant) for the specific AVR and use the IDE for programming it directly.