Arduino UNO R3 ATMEGA16U2 not discoverd in WinXP SP3

Dear ARDUINO members, After Warm regards,

I have purchased some of the Arduino platforms, and I'm facing a problem of installing the Arduino UNO R3 Atmega16U2 on windows XP SP3. There is nothing popping when I plug the UNO into USB port, only a couple of fast peeping sounds and nothing happens afterwords. I've checked the device manager and nothing there also. I've read the trouble shooting guide provided in this forum plus few of the topics discussed in this section of the forum. The LED in PIN 13 blinks when the board is powered, I can't figure out where is the problem.

By the way, I have tested an Arduino MEGA on the same system and it works fine. And I have tested the same UNO board on another laptop using WinXP SP2 with no success, nothing appears or happens when I plug the UNO in USB port.

So is there any one can guide me further more to solve my problem.

Thank you in anticipation !! Best Regards.

Majd S. Alamri

Maybe try a different USB cable? If you try a few different ones and nothing shows up in the device manager (did you look under "Unknown devices"?), then the board might be defective. You should be able to get a replacement from the place you bought it from.

Thank you sir for your replay.

I have solved the problem eventually, I've just replaced the Arduino IDE with fresher copy and with the ARDUINO UNO REV3.inf file that wasn't in my old copy of the IDE.

Thank you very much, indeed.

Regards .