Arduino uno r3 can't find com 3 port after reprogramming to atmega16u2

I wanted to make a small keyboard from the arduino uno r3 so I reprogrammed it, wrote the code, everything worked, but at some point after disconnecting and connecting the arduino shows up as HID but I can't find COM3 port and I can't edit the code.image
Can some one help me?

Please share a link to the tutorial you followed.

Sorry, bad link, this Arduino uno as hid keybord..Arduino uno as game controller..Arduino uno as firmware update - YouTube

I didn't watch the full video, but from what I did watch, I don't see anything that indicates the CDC serial capability of the ATmega16U2 chip is retained when using the video author's custom firmware. Notice that they specifically instructed you to upload the sketch before flashing the custom firmware.

You might consider switching to this ATmega16U2 firmware, which adds the same keyboard emulation capabilities to the Uno, while preserve the ability to continue to upload sketches to the Uno via the USB cable:

Yeah, but I don't know how to use that BootLoader

only avr reminds me of arduino folders

There is extensive documentation.

I don't know what that means.

Not helping with your problem but it's generally a lot easier to just use a board that supports native USB; e.g. Leonardo, Micro or SparkFun ProMicro and there are a lot more.

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