Arduino Uno R3 & CMOS Flash Memory


I have arduino uno r3 and I want to try to write / read the old CMOS Flash Memory (1Megabit 128Kx8). Attached datasheet Atmel AT29C010A-12PC:

Is there manual? How to connect it?

Thank you

It has a 16-bit address bus so you will probably need some shift-register chips to get enough output pins to address it.

Hold Not-WriteEnable HIGH. Hold Not-ChipEnable and Not-OutputEnable LOW. Apply and address and read a byte of data.

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Could you please more detail how to connect the pins to arduino uno r3? digital pins?

Something like the 74HC595 could set up a 16-bit address by doing something like described here to set up 16 bits:

You could connect the data (8 bits from the chip) to another spare 8 ports. You could use another three to do what johnwasser said, to tell the chip to do its stuff at the right time.

You won’t quite have enough digital pins but the analog ones can be used as digital pins (ie. A0 to A5).

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I am a newbie Arduino, but comes with an extensive technical background, computer science.

I could not figure out how to make it. Could you please get a drawing of the circuit? Thanks again.

We also assume that you are not expecting to use it as SRAM ie fast read/writes, but just somehow read and write the contents? I would personally be looking at SD cards rather than this technology. The libraries are there (the main reason for going Arduino) and they are transferable to PC.