Arduino UNO R3 doesn't get recognized on Windows XP

I have the same Kit (Dell running XP +SP3) and a UNO-R3 I'm getting a similar effect, so I would be interested to find the solution.

I'm using a book "Arduino - A quick Start Guide" for reference, in the absence of anything better.

I've tried Control Panel - Hardware Installation then elected to install Arduino UNO R3. inf which can be found in the zip file (Old Arduino Drivers.Zip) within the Drivers folder extracted from

I then get a flash message advising that the software you are installing has not passed Windows logo testing to verify its compatability..........Microsoft strongly recommend that you stop this installation and contact the vendor for softeware that has passed the Windows Logo testing.

So my questions - in addition to that posed by Newbie are :- Am I almost there? Is it safe to use the UNO R3 .inf as a driver (ie ignor Microsoft's dire warning) Is there any Microsoft Logo tested software available

regards Bernard

It’s safe to ignore Microsoft’s warning.

Thanks Crossroads,

I've now installed the UNO-R3 driver and uploaded the basic programme "blink" - which appears to be what the board originally came with.

I changed the timing and the LED location to 12 and plugged in a second LED and hey presto - all appears to work fine.

One thing still puzzles me though :-

Why does my PC not recognise the board when it is plugged it? I assumed that it would react like a USB memory stick and show up under 'my computer', but it doesn't In fact at no time has the PC reacted to the board - no beep - no "new hardware has been found" - nothing.

I did eventually find it via 'device manager' as on COM4

regards Bernard