Arduino Uno R3 Driver Installation

I have read all the documents amd forum topics concerning my problem however as you can predict my device still doesnt work.

My Arduino Board has Atmel 8a ( instead of 328p ) So it is different than orginal boards... When I first plug in the device, on the device manager list it doesnt show up with name "Arduino Uno" but instead " Unknown Device Usb 2.0 Serial " When I try to uptade drivers manually ( as it is shown in arduino website ) windows could not find the driver.

I dont know what to do more...

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you all.

Hey i had a same problem usb2.0-serial

i found a page where is a driver i downloaded and unzip it to the arduino driver folder and than iam succes. the page what is worked me here it show in some screenshot

Have a fun ;)