Arduino UNO R3 Driver issues in Win8.1

This issue has been raised B4 and some smarty wrote "Stop Posting - The issue is solved in Win 8.1" - that finding the com port and installing the driver was not an issue and that WIN8 auto finds it - It doesn't, the only way I found to install the arduino driver was to go directly to the file in the IDE driver folder and right click and install, its a waste of time in going into Device Manager and doing a driver update, however, even so, it keeps dropping out and the source codes will not load and one is left just com1 in the DM. I am about to revert to my laptop which is running Win7 and see what happens there.
Since Windows Vista, MS in their wisdom decided to create a block on all drivers that were not MS conforming due to security reasons, fair enough, one can bypass them and disable the system (Risky)

Seeing that Arduino is such a popular device for all kinds of users, would it not be too hard for the developers to provide drivers that conform to MS certification, the mind boggles what will happen in Win10!

Whilst I am a relative newcomer to Arduino - I am exploring its uses in Ham Radio applications, in particular CW mode of computer generated morse code interfaced with the transmitters, having had an nasty accident with my right hand, which cramps my style in sending morse code.

I have had associations with software/hardware and programming; my earliest creations being written up in "Edit Assembly" for the old TRS80 (Pre Commodore days!) In fact I also still use an old C64 for CW generation using the old "MAP64 multifunction software on an Eprom.