Arduino Uno R3 drivers will not install, COMS port not showing up

Hey, guys. I'm having a bit of trouble with my first time setup of the arduino uno r3.

Showed up today and went through all the steps to install the drivers and get the device setup but hit a roadblock when trying to manually point to the drivers folder. The error I'm getting is "Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error installing". I disabled signatures and tried again. Same error. I decided it must be corrupt so I reinstalled everything, which still didn't work, so I tried an hourly build which also didn't work. Went into device manager and the Arduino Uno is showing up under other devices but no port is setup for it. I tried plugging it into every port on my PC and got the same thing. Device recognized but no COM or USB section for it.

I decided to try uploading anyways which led to a _getsync() resp=0x4d. I'm not really sure what I should do at this point. The power light is constantly on, and it looks like it has a blink program running on it as the L light is constantly blinking and when reset is hit it flashes 4 times really quick.

FWIW: The chip says ATMEL: MEGA16U2 1610 PH A8938B if that makes any difference.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome. Thanks, guys.

You should not need any additional driver since you have a board with the Atmega16U2.

Don't install Windows 10 App. Use the traditional EXE.
Don't use USB 3 port.
Try another cable.