Arduino Uno R3 keeps resetting itself every two seconds when I connect BT

I recently bought a new Uno R3 since my old board was dead. I have on it a Sparkfun Protoshield with an H-bridge, a MAX6675, and an HC-06 Bluetooth module. My sketch uploads perfectly fine. However, when I connect to the HC-06 with my Android smartphone, the Arduino keep resetting itself in a loop of about 2-3 seconds. I know that it is resetting because the lights flash and a certain serial.println in the setup section of the code loops over and over again. I conducted the loop-back test and it passed. Can someone help me here? Thanks!

Okay I solved my own problem. The H-bridge is hogging up all the power, and the Arduino is resetting because of power starvation. Sorry for not using technically correct terms but you guys get the point. :slight_smile: