Arduino Uno R3 + Noritake GU112x16G-7003 VFD = No joy?


I received a sample 116x12 VFD from Noritake, and wanted to try using it on my Arduino. However, after much troubleshooting I am unable to get it working.

I have used the sample code given on this site:

I changed the appropriate values to match the display I am using, checked and double-checked the pin-outs, and still no luck displaying anything on it. The code compiles fine and appears to upload and run properly, but nothing shows up on the VFD.

A bit of odd behavior is that when I power the Arduino with a 9V 1A DC adapter, the VFD will very faintly glow orange, but nothing will be displayed.

I am drawing the 5V VCC from the Arduino +5V pin, because the VFD is supposed to only take about 260 mA of current total in use, and pulling from a 1A power source this should be no problem.

So I guess my question is, what am I doing wrong? Is the VFD bad, and how would I know if it is? I checked my Arduino after some testing to make sure I didn't burn it out or something accidentally, and it still works fine.

Thanks in advance for any help.

So, I posted a little too soon. Got it working, but I am not sure entirely how or why.

I downloaded the datasheet and made sure I was doing the right pins, when I noticed that I had to run it in Sync mode rather than ASync due to a jumper being shorted (soldered, actually) by default. After I changed the code and re-uploaded, it worked perfectly.

The strange thing is, I tried Sync on a whim before in the code, and it did not work. So I have no clue what I actually did to get it working. Maybe a pin was misplaced, or a piece of code changed and I didn't notice.

In any case, sorry for the pointless thread!