Arduino UNO R3 not connected - no usb-port in the IDE


I cannot connect my Arduino UNO to my Macbook Pro. In the online editor, there is a little line with a red cross next to the box where it shows the board model. And in the IDE there is no USB-port in the port-menu, only bluetooth and serial 1/2. I have tried everything now, went through every single "solution" in different forums.

  • I've been downloading other drivers (the CH340, CH34x etc. for the fake/china boards), although I'm quite sure that my board is genuine.

  • I've been installing loads of other software and weird drivers.

  • I've been trying the whole thing on a Windows computer as well.

Do you have any idea what is wrong? I'm about to give up.

Thanks in advance.


You need a data cable not just one that can charge.

It is strongly suggested to use USB 2.0 port.