Arduino Uno R3 Not discovered in Windows 7

I am having issues getting my computer to recognize that my new Arduino Uno R3 has been plugged in.
I am running Windows 7 64-bit
The USB Cable I am using works fine with my first Arduino Uno (I think it's an R2 - it is currently buried in another project right now).

I do not get the standard "Windows is Installing New Drivers" alert when I connect the Arduino to my PC (Running Windows 7 64-bit). Instead, the Power, Tx, and Rx LEDs turn on and nothing else happens. Device Manager doesn't detect that I have plugged anything into the PC so i don't even see the device listed in "Other Devices" like most people do. I have tried manually creating the device in Device Manager but I get the "Code 10" error saying that the device cannot start.

Any thoughts?

It seems that the Arduino I purchased is a lemon. I am up and operational after exchanging the Arduino Uno and following the instructions for manually installing the drivers.