Arduino Uno R3 not registering as R3

Hello All
My son bought me an arduino uno r3. I'm using a laptop to use the arduino it's a Lenovo B560, operating system 7, 64 bit, 8Gig RAM.
I downloaded the driver for the arduino and now it shows up as an arduino uno not a r3. It shows it as being in the com5 in device manager but when I open the IDE it show it as being in com1 in the lower right corner.
It shows that it is supposed to be a r3 on the box but in case it is not can you tell me what is different on the r3 as compared to the previous ones?
I am a newbie so please make your answers as simple as possible.
Thank you for your help.

An Arduino Uno is an Arduino Uno. The R3 is to indicate that it is the newest version, but it is still an Arduino Uno.
Arduino Uno version 3 has a few more pin, other usb chip an stronger reset circuit.

When you download the Arduino software 1.0.5, the drivers are in the package.

I don't understand the why it is COM5 and COM1. Did you set the serial port in the 'extra' menu ?

I think the new beta version Arduino 1.5.4 has some kind of automatic search.

Try the Blink example (File/Examples/Basic/Blink), and tell us if that is working. Once you have that, you can start programming or try the other examples.