Arduino UNO R3 + SIM Card + Accelerometer + GPS

Hi, I'm PHP & Javascript web developer and I don't have any background at electronics at all, I want to build a product base on Arduino UNO R3 board, with Sim card (for gprs, call and sms), accelerometer sensor and gps, it is possible to combine those modulus together or there all use the same pins ?

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it is possible to combine those modulus together

No. While physically you can, and for some definition of work, they will all work together, in reality they will not produce a useful product.

The problem is that the UNO only has one hardware serial port, and you want to use at least two devices that use the serial port. You could use a software serial port for one of the devices, but that requires interrupts, and a lot of time in the interrupt handler, which usually means that the Arduino doesn't have time to do everything else it needs to.

A Mega is not much more expensive, and has 4 hardware serial ports. With the Mega, your project is relatively easy. With a UNO, it is all but impossible.

Great! thanks for the quick answer, All that i need is to buy this ( board and put those shield one above the other ?

there is an order of layers or something ?

thanks again!

there is an order of layers or something ?

One issue you will encounter is that both of the shields you want to use have antennas. Shields with antennas generally need to be on top. Which one do you put on top? You might get away with stacking them, or you might not.

I dont know… what do you recommend i do? I dont care about the structure, the main thing is that will work.