arduino uno r3 single digital display

in advanced i say sorry if i make any mistake i`m new with arduino i have medium lavel knowledge with c programming language . i received my arduino package and i have 2 single digit display with dot on it and i have 4 digit display but how i can find out when i use single digit display which pin is ground and wich is the input and power . single digit display back side has toal 10 pins 5 pins on one side . someone can help me how i find pins gnd , power , input etc.. thanks very much

Look at the data sheet for connections.


You can also make a test set up with a power supply, 220R resistor, and some wire to try to figure out the pin out.

Where did you buy things?

i bought arduino package online

Show us a link to where you bought them.

i bought arduino package online

lmao, that's awesome!

Is there a part number on it?

This seems to be a common layout: (Capital C is Common Cathode)

 g f C a b
10 9 8 7 6

1 2 3 4 5
e d C c dp