Arduino Uno R3 SMD edition can't seem to print to Serial?

Hi All,

I've been working with arduinos for a while now, mostly R3. I recently purchased a pair of new arduinos that are the Make magazine special edition, just 'cuz they were on sale, and they are, according to the model information on the board, Arduino Uno R3 SMD edition. So I sat down to play with them, and the new SMD boards print gibberish to the Serial monitor (random characters) and usually just one line despite the code being looped. Very basic code below. I'm having some other problems with the board, like I've been unable to control an LCD so far, for other mysterious reasons, but this is the issue I'm focusing on at the moment because it seems to be the most 'basic.' Is there some obvious initialization that needs to be done that I'm just missing? I'm not super experienced with this stuff, just a casual hobbyist, so I'm not really even sure what SMD means. What does it mean?

There is nothing attached to the arduino. I'd suspect faulty board, except I bought two, and they both behave the same way. Windows also believes they have the most up to date driver.

void setup(){

void loop(){


yes, sorry. The baud rate in the monitor is also 9600

COM port?

In this case, my original R3 is using com port 4 and works, the two newer boards are using com ports 5 and 6. The appropriate port is selected in the ide if that is what you were asking.