Arduino Uno R3 Stand Alone

New to the Arduino.
Could someone please answer the following questions?
Is the Arduino Uno R3 a stand alone system? In other words can you program it up
and not use a computer, for other than having to load in the software.
If it is not a typically stand alone system is there a way to make it so?
If the software needs extra memory is there a board, etc. that can be added?
Any extra info would be great.

Yes, it's stand alone. You program it and then it does what you programmed every time you give it power.

Cannot add memory.

You can use it in standalone form.
Look at the link at the top of this page. Learning.


Thanks for replies.
Are there other Arduino products that have more memory in case it is needed?

A Mega has more memory.

But uhm, if you filled the memory of a Uno then just take a step back. Because it should be more then plenty. I never filled a whole Uno so if you do there are probably tons of places where you can save memory :wink:

'1284P. 16K SRAM, 128K flash, 4K EEPROM. 32 IO. Dual hardware serial ports. I offer boards in several form factors.

Which memory type are you expecting to be short of?