arduino uno r3 to 24v ywrobot 8 relay board

I am new here so please bear with me.

  1. The 24v ywrobot 8 relay board has its own power supply.
  2. Arduino uno r3 has usb or 5v power supply.
  3. Pins to be used ?
  4. Hardware i need to have as shopping list. if needed?
  5. When hooked up should i use pwm or analog?
  6. Will there be bleed back on the ground.
  7. When i powered relay board up u need ground to trigger relays!!!
  8. I just wanted to be the cool guy on the block with in home light show.
  9. I thank you.

i just figured it out on my own so ha to you guys who looked and did not reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha