Arduino Uno R3 | TX and RX light are always on and i cant upload a sketch on it

Hello guys i just accidently poured a coffee to arduino when i working with my project.
Uno was short circuirted and i realized atmega328p-pu is gone. so i bought a new chip and plugged it, now i cant upload sketch on it (i cant choose the port) and the tx rx lights are always on.

I tested it with a 9v battery and everything are same. I thinking the fuse is gone.

When i touch the board, the fuse part is little bit hot.

Please help me, what should i do??

I dont want 25$ goes to the garbage :((

I bet the USB/Serial chip is gone too, that is what controls the Tx/Rx LEDs.
Get yourself a ProMini (or a couple) and a FTDI Basic, then next time not as much will be taken out ...

Okay, thanks for reply.