Arduino Uno R3

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Is it possible for a Arduino Uno R3 to do communication between two PC?
Is it Serial Communication used in transferring data from PC to arduino?
Is that possible if i type message and send it to another PC via arduino?

I am newbie in Arduino programming so seeking for help.

Thanks in advance. If i got any mistake plz correct me.

What’s your intention? Transmitting data from one PC to another? For that you don’t need an Arduino and it would be of no help if you have one. You just need a null-modem cable (crossed TX/RX and CTS/RTS lines). Most PCs today have an internal network interface. Using that is even easier.
You see: you have to describe what you wanna achieve, as detailed as possible.


Actually i want to do Secured Communication using Microcontroller with RF module. My main request is to use Arduino board to do encryption for data from 1st PC and send it out to other Arduino board for data decryption then only view in 2nd PC. The main aim is to make sure the security level of encrypted data must high to avoid eavesdropper.

If i am using other programming software (like Visual C++) to send data to arduino board, is it using serial communication?
I am confusing the serial communication in Arduino, as data send from PC to arduino board, will data send out through TX pin at the same time?
This is because i need to do encryption in arduino 1st only can send out, if it send out from TX pin at same time data transfer from PC to arduino board, then i can’t achieve my goal d.

Thanks for ur reply, hope can get help from you. :slight_smile:
Anything plz correct me.

It probably can be done but the real question is why you'd want to. I know you said you want to encrypt the data but I think you could more easily (and cheaply) do the same thing with a regular wifi network connection and encryption. Not only would it be easier but youd have a connection a "zillion" times faster.


It is my FYP project. If i change PC to using keypad(or keyboard) and LCD? Which keypad and LCD is the most suitable?

I agree that it's way easier to implement encryption on the PC. If it's a WLAN it's done already by the manufacturer, if you use serial communication it's still much easier to encrypt before sending out and decrypt while receiving.

The Arduino has quite limited resources (CPU power, RAM). What kind of encryption did you have in mind? DES? AES? BlowFish? What data rate do you expect to achieve? In your first post there wasn't one word about encryption, what other important information did you forget?


I found a website did encryption in a simple way: RF Communication Between Microcontrollers – Part III

Are TX/RX used between PC and Arduino same as used in TX/RX pin(pin1 and pin2)?

Are TX/RX used between PC and Arduino same as used in TX/RX pin(pin1 and pin2)?

For all Arduinos except the Leonardo this is correct. The Leonardo is doing the USB stuff internally (the processor used there has USB hardware on chip) and therefore the hardware serial (USART) is free for your use (it's Serial1 there) even when connected to the PC for debugging.


Thanks pylon, i think i know it d, i had discussed with my lecturer already. I will not use the microcontroller while only using the RF module for transmitting and receiver via usb serial port.

The aim is to make a unique and high level of Encryption.

Thanks to all who helped me.