Arduino Uno + RAMPS 1.4?

Hi All,

My project in many ways is a simplified 3D printer in terms of specs. The main things I need to control right now are a thermistor and a heat resistor. I will be adding some motors and servos later, but not a concern right now. If I need a Mega later I'll upgrade.

I recently purchased a Uno kit to teach myself and would like to be able to just use it directly with the RAMPS 1.4. Is there any problem with this? What would the wiring look like(wiring is my weakest trait)? I just haven't seen anything on it so far.

Here is my current idea as far as parts go: -my uno -Ramps 1.4 -ATX power supply: -4.7 ohm Heat resistor -100k Thermistor

-A couple resistors, diodes, etc. I assume

My other major concern is that I need to accomplish a temp of some where between 60 and 180 C (experimental testing). So I need to accomplish a wide range with +/- 2C accuracy


Do you have a MOSFET (or relay, though this is probably much worse) to switch the heater? You need a transistor (preferably a mosfet) or relay if you want to switch anything that will pull more than 10-20mA, or that uses >5v.

I originally was looking at relays. I was having some issues figuring out the external power setup since it seems the Uno couldn't power the heat resistor, or just maybe. 5V UNO, 7 watt and 4.7 ohm resistor?

I was researching MOSFET and was only getting a basic understanding when I came across the RAMPS.

The Uno (or Mega) can only control things. It cannot be used to supply power for heaters or motors.


The Ramps board can control the heater for you - either the extruder heat or the supply for the heated bed. No need for additional components.