Arduino Uno RD/Atmega328 + RX1286D3-TIW 128x64 LCD

Hello there everyone.

I have recently bought from an online shop a 128X64LCD (RX1286D3-TIW - see the attachment for details of it) and a few Atmel Atmega328. I also have an Arduino Uno R3 that I am going to use to program the AVRs and use it for prototyping. I have read troughout the display documentation I’ve attached, but I am not sure if I can drive this display with my Atmega32 or Arduino.

Also, as I see the display has a lot of pins for data. I am very curious if I can use the display with my AVRs via a SPI interface.

Has anyone worked with this kind of display before? Or can anybody point me out a start on this display? I am somehow new and noob with electronics, and I would like to learn from you guys.

I have searched a lot on the internet to check out about this display, but I haven’t got any information rathar than the documentation I’ve attached. Also, this is the link from where I’ve bought the display:

Thanks in advice.

RX12864D3-TIW.pdf (1.24 MB)