Arduino Uno read multiple color cameras


I am fairly new to robotics so I apologize if this question sounds naive. Anyway, I am trying to attach 3 color cameras to a robot so that I can perform image processing in 3 different directions at once. First, I was wondering if this sort of setup is possible using a Arduino Uno board. Second I was wondering what other hardware I would need to allow processing of multiple cameras. Are there any shields that would allow for this? Finally, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on color cameras to use.

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This is totally impossible with an Arduino or a shield. You would need something with a lot of horsepower (and memory/disk space!) to process color images of any decent resolution.

Hint: First just write code on a PC to do what you want, then figure out how to get it into a robot.

The arduino is not capable of dealing with video signals nor perform image processing. You can use the arduino to active servos, dc motor and other sensors to direct the cameras but thats about it. The arduino just does not have the memory need to handle video. What you can do is get a Raspberry Pi to capture the video or even a small computer/laptop and process it and again, use the arduino for other simpler things. Thats about it.

Okay, good to know. Thanks both of you for your help. I will go and check out the Raspberry Pi.

Take a look at open computer vision, which has the sofware you want and look at using WiFi cams.