Arduino uno replaced by MKR1000


after replacement the test sketchis slower as before.

before: Arduino UNO R3
after: Arduino MKR1000
sketch: Adafruit HX8357 Libary : graphicstest

what is wrong?


what is wrong?

No details?

Probably something is going wrong with the setting of the SPI clockrate.

Are you using the Hardware SPI pins? (or do you think you are?)

In any case, SPI is likely to be the bottleneck, and the way I read the demo it will use the same speed SPI connection regardless of platform, so I’d expect them to be “approximately equivalent” (if nothing is broken.)


i use the hardware SPI pins.

MKR 1000
10 - MISO; 9 - SCK; 8 - MOSI; CS - 4; DC - 5


graphicstest_MKR-1000.ino (10.5 KB)

Adafruit graphics libraries are not optimized for Zero/MKR boards, whereas they do have some optimizations for AVR chips. With better libraries the Zero/MKR will outperform the AVR boards by a bit.


So you think that the problem isnt the SPI clock?

(How can i raise the SPI clock?)

Which lib is better in this combination? (MKR1000 & HX8357)

thanks for your help FDemme