Arduino Uno Rev2 Schematic

Hi there,

I'm looking for the Schematic of the Arduino Uno Rev2 with ATMega328P Prozessor. I can just find the Schematic file with ATMega8, so I'm asking myself if the Schematic would be the same..?

I'm new in the Arduino world, so please help me :)

B.R. D.

Just google, the answer comes from this same forum.

I can only find Schematics from the Arduino UNO SMD and Arduino UNO Rev2 ATMega8 :~

Maybe the pins of the ATMega8 are the same as the ATMega328p?

Did you look on the Products page? Has the Uno Rev 3 schematic.
Atmega8/168/328/328P are the same package, increasing amounts of memory is the main difference. Different signature bytes, so neeed to select the correct board type when programming. 328 vs 328P is usually the big gotcha.

Thank you CrossRoads, that's what i wanted to know :)