Arduino Uno Rev3 SMD No volt on D11

I'm using an Arduino Uno Rev 3 SMD in combination with a CNC Shield V3. For the Micro Stepper Driver I'm using TB6600 that drivers a Nema 23 Stepper Motor and I've limit switches as end-stop. Here i encounter my problem. The limit switches of the X and Y axes work. Unfortunately the Z as limit switches doesn't work. At first I thought the problem was in the CNC shield. But by giving a pulse through the pin that connects to D11 and Z + or Z-, I could rule this out. Using a voltmeter I wanted to see if there was voltage on pin D11 with GRD. Nothing! Pin D10 and GRD I had 4.5 volts and D9 and GRD the same voltage
So I don't know if the problem is with hardware or if I still have to adjust something with software. I am using GRBL v1.1.
I hope someone can give ideas or advice. Thanks

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