Arduino UNO rev3 Wi-Fi and WS2813 RGB LED`S

So, i need to make school project with Arduino. I have idea to controll RGB LED strip with Android phone trough the Wi-Fi. But i dont know how to do it safely. I almost burned my Arduino down, but it just woke up and now it seems to be working again. So guys could you please send me a arduino UNO rev3 Wi-Fi to WS2813 wiring picture, i would be so thankful! Thanks for reading.

I recommend a Wemos Mini and a 5V power supply with enough current for your led strip, which could be a lot of current! How long is the strip and how many leds per metre?

To avoid burning your Arduino/Wemos, you must not route the current through the board. Instead, you must have separate power wires going from the psu to the strip and from the psu to the Arduino. Use good quality thick wires to carry the current to the strip. You may need to feed power to both ends of the strip and perhaps even the middle.

The ESP8266 (Wemos chip) has an I2S port with direct memory access, that runs @ 80MHz, you can use it to drive the WS2813 LEDs with very accurate timing.

Check this out: Using I2S on the ESP8266 to drive WS2812Bs. - YouTube


Very interesting, thanks for posting, PieterP!

WS2813 led strip is 5v,so you can't use above 5v power supply,it's dual signal,you can connect anyone.

I also recommend the Wemos, my project has 5440 WS Pixels refreshing at 25Hz (from 8 GPIO) from UDP data coming over wifi, but I have to run at 160MHz for this :slight_smile:

The Wemos Pro Mini (+ Ext Antenna) is a very sexy beast, I LOVE it !