Arduino uno RTA (Audio Spectrum Analyzer)

Arduino uno RTA (Audio Spectrum Analyzer)

I am new at this, I am trying to set-up my arduino uno to be a "real-time analyzer", I would like to achieve the following: -10x31 LED's (wide) -1/4inch jack input (mono, for audio signal) -stand-alone (without using computer to process) -minimal set-up (the least amount of wires, the better) -on/off switch -a/c adapter

What would I need to add to my uno to achieve this? If someone has made this already please send me the link, I need programming code as well.

Yes, I finished such project recently. I simplified hardware realization due financial limits and because I wanted to see first version as soon as possible. Second version will follow after a while, don't want open all details yet, but it would be something similar to your idea++*2.

So there are links:

and second one on this site to make communication easier:,51828.0.html

Have a look.

Thank you so much, it looks really clean…I am curious to see how it works, do you have video of your project up on the internet?

Is it accurate, as far as the reaction time or is there a slight delay?

I'm embarassing to say, that I don't have a camera to make a video. There is no visible delay, for compare:

1 cycle of FFT processing taking 27 msec.

delay between two frame of the movie, that you watching in the cinema on big screen - 40 msec.

I had to implement "smoothing" effect, so it wouldn't blink too fast.-):

Thank you, would it be too much for you to rewrite the programming for an 8x31, if not that is fine, I appreciate all the info that you have given me so far.

Your links do not work anymore, of course this is 7 years later. However I still was wondering if you had your project code somewhere..? I am curious to see it as i'm doing a similar project. Unfortunately, its using volume instead of frequencies to change the color/modes and I would like to change that. Email if you think you could help me. Thanks in advance!