Arduino Uno + Sainsmart 8 channel + voltage sensor

Hi I'd like to make my lights turn on when I have between 5v to 10V and my other set of lights turn on when I have more than 10v. Is it possible with the Nano and voltage sensor to do that? SO when It detects between 5v to 10v it gives a signal to the Sainsmart 8 channels so it can close one contact and when I have more than 10v it opens the contact and close another contact? THank you Sorry for all that I'm new to this.

5v to 10v The nano send one signal from the analog output to the relay

10v and more, The nano stop sending a signal from the first analog output and send another signal from a different analog output to the second relay

Is that feasable?

could I use that instead of the sainsmart 8 channel

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Use a voltage divider and analogRead() for the voltage.
Use digitalWrite() to the output pins, connected to the relays.

Other drivers may be usable instead of the relays, depending on the load (voltage and current).

If you don't understand all that, start learning the basics. There exist tutorials and example code for all those basic tasks. Once you got the basic items work, put them together into one sketch.