Arduino uno sck not working

Can anyone tell me how to check sck output on arduino uno without oscilloscope.
What it should print on serial monitor if I loopback the miso pin with sck pin.
In my case it is giving 255 after SPI port configuration and SPI transfer written correctly.

Why do you think the SPI SCK pin isn't working?

The SPI pin is connected to an on-board LED on the UNO. You can configure the pin as a digital output and toggle it to see the LED turning and off.

I.E. simply load the blink sketch from the built-in examples in the IDE.

Please post your code; and just in case, use code tags (using the red 'circled' button below).

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Which board?

I would start by connecting MISO to GND and do a read; you should get 0x00. Next connect MISO to Vcc and read again; you should get 0xFF.

I have never looked in depth at SPI; but I suspect that your approach violates the timings; your MISO should be set before the clock edge and as you describe it it's at the same time.

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