Arduino Uno & Seeed Studio TFT Touchscreen

Does anyone here have any experience with this shield. I have been able to successfully work through all of the non-touchscreen examples, however, when it comes down to getting the touchscreen to work it's a total lights out proposition. So far the only response I have received from the folks at Seeed Studio is:

"Hi,dear Those examples we have posted were based on bottom-driven, we could not support detailed programs in application layer. But, don't be too disappointed, we are updating our forum, we'll show some demos or posts about great creation. Let's hope it is. Jacket Best Regards"

I have no idea what they mean by bottom-driven and my expectation was that the shield's touchscreen functionality would at a minimum , well, you! As you can tell I am a little disappointed but if I am misunderstanding something here would someone please point it out to me. If someone has a sketch that they have been able to successfully deploy on this device I would appreciate some advice.

I presume they mean “low-level”. Can you post a link to the shield?

… when it comes down to getting the touchscreen to work it’s a total lights out proposition …

What have you tried?

It’s hard to advise without knowing what code you used, and what happened when you used it. Did the lights go out?

Here is a link to the entire thread I have going on over at Seeed Studio: I believe my last post will take you to the sample code and libraries (TFT and Touchscreen) that they have made available. The specific shield can be found at the following url:

So far this has been a very disappointing experience although I am hopeful that something can be worked out. I have been able to get all of the examples provided to work correctly, however, the touchscreen example and the commentary I am receiving from the site itself is turning out to be dismal at best,