Arduino Uno + SeeedStudio Touch Shield + SeeedStudio SD Card Shield

Hi all. I recently bought an arduino uno, and am having trouble displaying an image onto my display from the SD card. I went through the provided SD card example, and I am able to read from the card fine, when its the only thing plugged in, and I am able to display circles and rectangles fine on the display, again, when its the ONLY thing plugged in. Now when i combine the two, they stack one on top of another, the SD card will read, however, the screen isn’t recognized and no commands are sent to the screen at all. Is there a way around this? or am i doing something stupid? Please do include libraries that you have that work, so that we are on the same page of libraries and such.

IMAGES (wouldn’t upload right, sorry for the inconvenience)

Does anyone have maybe a link or another post elsewhere that can lead me to the right direction?

Have you tried contacting Seeed about the problem?

No I have not. Where would I go to do such things?


You could give a try for starters?