Arduino uno -Serial to Midi (Ableton)


Arduino noob here, im looking for some advice with a uni project.

Im hoping to turn the signal from 6 potentiometers and push switches into MIDI. Iv seen alot of tutorials online but nothing that's just as simple as 6 analogue and 6 digital :(

Im using an Arduino uno, which reads the potentiometers but from this i havent a clue how to make the computer take this information and make it into a midi format... iv tried but it just confuses me...

Iv had some help with this so far code wise and i understand simple functions. My only issue is turning the code below into an operating command which will then go into MIDI. I haven't even hooked up the push switches yet and was wondering if someone could help me with this aswell? Il even send you biscuits in the post for your help.

Below is the code i have so far,

// to the pins used: const int analog1= A0; // Analog input pin that the potentiometer is attached to const int analog2= A1; const int analog3 = A2; const int analog4 = A3;

void setup() { // initialize serial communications at 9600 bps: Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop() {

int pot1=analogRead(analog1); int pot2=analogRead(analog2); int pot3=analogRead(analog3); int pot4=analogRead(analog4);

Serial.print(pot1); Serial.print("-"); Serial.print(pot2); Serial.print("-"); Serial.print(pot3); Serial.print("-"); Serial.print(pot4);


delay(2); }

I have four potentiometers hooked up so far and they send a signal out which is great, il use the above code to do the same with A4 and A5 outputs on my board. My three questions are,

1.How would i link up the push switches to send a signal (surely it isnt as easy as above?) 2.How can i convert this information into midi to hook up to Ableton say? (Code and needed programs?) 3.Whats your favourite biscuits because il send you a box full of them for help.

Thanks for your time guys

It’s not too difficult but you should know about the structure of midi commands. Do you want to send notes or controler values? What midi channel should be adressed? esaiest way is to use the serial out as midi out - do you have a midi interface for ableton? did you read the midi example in the arduino playground? So many questions ...