Arduino Uno - Servo Angular Weirdness

Hi, I am building a kind of arm with servos on the joints I use this servo PowerHD Analog Servo Motor - HD-3001HB. when I send servo to a certain angle from 0 to say 30 degrees (myservo.write () ), it does exactly what I say but when I ask servo to come back to desired angle from a higher angle, say from 120 degrees back to 30 degrees it always comes to 35 degrees. Somehow I can not repeat the angular movements, there is a significant different between CW and CCW turns. I digged the net but could not end up with an answer. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

I use this servo PowerHD Analog Servo Motor - HD-3001HB

Your "link" is broken.

Any ideas?

Post a picture of your setup, a schematic, and your code. Otherwise, there is not a hope in hell that we can help you.

Some hysteresis may be coded in, or may be due to poor quality (cheap servos are almost by definition poor quality). If you have significantly mechanically loaded the servo this sort of behaviour wouldn't surprize me at all, the feedback loop is probably just a P term, not PI.