Arduino UNO + SFR08 and 2 SHARP SENSORS

Hi community!

I am trying to connect an ultrasonic sensor SFR08 and two SHARPs using the analog input port of the Arduino UNO. The SFR08 is connected to A4(SDA) and A5 (SCL) and the SHARPs in A0 and A1. The issue is that the ultrasonic sensor and the SHARPs only work by separated, this is the SFR08 works if the SHARPS are disconnected and the SHARPs work if the ultrasonic sensor is disconnected.

The question is: Is it possible to use the inputs A0, A1, A2 and A3 when I using the I2C protocol on A4 and A5 and the wire library? ┬┐How should I connect these sensor for them to work all together?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, it's possible, when I am using I2C the other analogs also works great. But like in other post i recommend to use ADS1115 or ADS1118, you get more stable values from SHARPs. ADS1115 also works in I2C, so if your arduino can not deal with analogs and I2C in the same time, that solve your problem :D because you will get values form SHARPS in I2C protocol.

Thanks mate, It just star working all together when both GNDs were joined!. However, thanks for the useful information.