Arduino UNO + Shield CAN BUS (MCP2515)

Hi everyone,

I'm developing software to read car's parameters like engine speed, temperature, system faults, etc.
I'm looking for some shield that provide CAN v2.0A(CAN standard) and v2.0B (CAN extended).
I saw a shield that use MCP2515, but in the datasheet is mentioned only CAN v2.0B.

Someone knows if I can use MCP2515 with CAN v2.0A/B, or exists other shield that I can buy to use both can type ?

Thanks in advance

Most probably CAN standard is a subset of CAN extended, so that a module for CAN extended will handle the standard as well.


CAN A will accept only 11bit identifiers. A 29bit id is treated as an error.

CAN B accepts both 11 and 29bit identifiers.

The MCP2515 is CAN-B compliant. If you use with 11bit id's, I believe that is basically the same thing as running CAN-A.

By the way, if its useful, I've written an MCP2515 driver library for the Arduino

It's free on my blog/github

(It's part of a larger project I'm working on to link an Arduino to a TI TM4C microcontroller via CAN)



Hi waltoon, it cleared my doubt. I didn't know if I could use MCP with CAN 2AB or just CAN 2B.

Thanks a million for you help