Arduino Uno SMD: Can I program bootloader and sketch for Atmega328 DIP?

Hey Peeps

Is it possible to use Arduino Uno SMD and program the bootloader and sketch onto a Atmega328 DIP? I could not find any help on google, there is only for the Arduino Uno Dip version.


Yes, the process is exactly the same.

@Chris, Excuse me but I did not understand. How is this process done??it is possible in DIP boards, but how to do it in an SMD board?

OK let’s back up.

I thought you were talking about programming a new, blank, ATMega328 DIP chip using an Arduino Uno SMD board. If that is the case, then all you have to do is follow the wiring on this page:

If you need to do something else, please give more details.


Thankx Chris.. :)

Thanks for the link!

Ok I see once the bootloader in on in order to download a sketch one needs to remove the current atmegae from the dev board but the obvious problem is the arduino uno smd can't do that due to the smd instead of dip.

So is it possible to use the aruino uno smd board to program a sketch on an external atmega?

Yes, it's possible... Drop the bootloader and burn the image the way you would burn the bootloader..

Things will probably be a bit clearer once you've started.

You can also wire up the DIP ATmega on a breadboard or similar. Add the minimal periphery, i.e. a 16 MHz Quartz with load capacitors, and (!) a reset switch. The latter is important because you cannot rely on auto-reset with this setup, as you will soon see. Tie the Arduino's reset pin to ground and connect D0 to ATmega pin 2 and D1 to pin 3. Ground to ground, VCC to VCC, of course. When you upload the sketch, hit the reset switch (pin 1 to ground) on the target board as soon as you see the binary size in the Arduino IDE. Uploading should happen as if uploading to the Arduino, but instead going to the standalone.